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Dear Visitors,

Let's introduce ourselves and introduce a brand new entrepreneur  which is for coming true an old dream. You are certainly able to find nomerous of such kind of web pages but this is a bit different.


On (or you are able to see a wide scale of offers being in the basic segment of tourism: in rooming.

The web site is not ready yet but really a big job is behind: we are putting on the actual domestic properties for sale and rent. An other one will show the apartaments on the mediterranean beaches for the same target, and last but not least, our future dream is to offer rooms and apartaments at the Southern Seas. But all of them are the same in one: they are located only at waters (thermal, river, sea, ocean).

There is an exiting part: organizing of Wedding ceremonies and honeymoon. We ensure your most executive day in Hungary and abroad.

Other banners for different services are also available: flight tickets, rent-a-car, rent-partner offers, etc.

We are looking for servers who are ready to be our partners in widening our site by any of their offers.

Do not hesitate to contact us if we have paid your interest. More information at: 

+ 36 20 4950884

+ 36 30 6181347

Éva Zsuzsanna Madácsi



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